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Foundations of Nursing

Guide for Foundations and Fundamentals of Nursing, including study habits, notetaking, and flashcards

What's This Guide For?

1) Learning foundational study habits that you can use throughout your time at OSUIT.

2) Notetaking strategies to help you retain information and refer back it.

3) Test-Taking strategies you can rely on to help you pass.

Why Do I Need to Know These Things/I Know How to do Those Things!

"OSUIT Library, I remember high school. I've already done all of these things I don't need a refresher."


"OSUIT Library, I've never had to do those things, why would I need them now?"

College is very different from high school. The class content is different. The class assignments are different. The professors are different.

That means strategies that may have worked in high school or before, may not work here.

Establishing good study and test-taking habits can benefit you in the following ways:

1)  The development of other skills, like:
       -Time management
      - Independence

All of these are qualities employers look for, in addition to experience and education. 

2) An Increase in confidence and decrease in anxiety: The more you study, the more prepared you feel. 

3) Better use of time. Aka, work smarter not harder! 


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