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Tech To-Go

Using some of OSUIT's Tech To-Go? Check here for operating instructions, checkout policies and more!

How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the Tech To-Go Guide! Use this guide to learn more about our Tech To-Go Program at OSU Institute of Technology, and get tips, tricks and instructions for each of the tech gear items we have available for our students. 

Browse the tabs above to learn more about the policy or the specific items. Contact us if you have questions, suggestions or concerns. 


How to Use This Guide

Each tab above represents a different type of Tech-to-Go we have available. See the list to the right to get a full list of all the items available. To learn more about an item and how to use it, hover over the tab for its category and select it from the drop-down list. On the item page you will find:

  1. A link to the full operating instructions
  2. A quick-start guide to help you do basic operations with the item
  3. A picture of the item
  4. A list of what you will get when you check out the item, and what must be checked out sepearately.
  5. Tips, tricks, videos and other information on how to maximize the technology (optional).

Available Items

What can you check out? A lot! See below for a full list.

  • Cameras:
    • Canon DSLR
    • Fuji Film X-T3
    • Go Pro Hero
    • Samsung Gear 360
    • Spectacles 2 (Nico) Camera Glasses
  • Computers and Accessories
    • Macbook Pro 15-inch
    • Dell Latitude
    • Dell Chromebook
    • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Wearable Technology
    • Samsung Gear 2
    • Pebble Time Round Smart Watch
    • Google Moto 360 Smart Watch
    • Garmin GPS Watch
    • Fitbit Versa
    • Avantree Headphones
    • BOSE Headphones
    • JBL Headphones
    • Sony Headphones
  • Other Equipment
    • Meta Quest 2 VR Headsets
    • Wacom Intuos Tablet
    • Altec Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
    • Ollie robots & ramp kit
  • Program Specific Tech
    • Culinary
      • Convection cooktop
      • Digital scale
      • Digital thermometer 
      • Anova sous vide precision cooker
    • Nursing
      • Blood pressure cuff
      • Stethoscope 
      • Pulse oximeter
      • Veinlite
    • Automotive and Construction Technology, and HVAC
      • Infrared thermometers
      • Digital battery tester
      • AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detector
      • Smart service tool kit