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Using some of OSUIT's Tech To-Go? Check here for operating instructions, checkout policies and more!

Connecting To Your Hotspot - Verizon Orbic

  1. Power on your Orbic
  2. After the "Retrieving data usage info" message disappears and press the menu button on the top of the Orbic until the screen reads 2.4 WIFI Info before pressing the power button once
  3. The name of the connection is the first item listed, next to the "signal" icon 
  4. The password is the last item on the screen, next to the "lock" icon 
  5. Open up your device's network settings, select the Orbic's connection, and enter the password

*Settings will vary but in the example below, the connection name is RC400L-82 and the password is f2d00e0a

Connecting To Your Hotspot: AT&T Franklin A10

1. Power on your AT&T Franklin A10 Hotspot.

2) Your screen should look like this when powered on:

Photo of AT&T Franklin A10 Hotspot turned on. Should show the AT&T logo, along with service bars.

3) Press the power button to get connection information. The button is located on the bottom edge of the hotspot.

4) Press the power button once to get the connection name:


5) Press the power button again to get the password