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Canon DSLR

Operating Instructions

 Click the manual icon for access to the full operating instructions for the Canon EOS T5 DSLR camera.


Equipment List

Required Equipment:

  • Canon EOS T5 camera
  • Canon Camera strap
  • Battery pack and charger

Optional Equipment:

  • Telephoto lens
  • Wide angle lens
  • UV, CPL and FL-D Filters
  • Hand strap
  • Remote shutter release

Quick Start Guide

  • To power on, switch the toggle on the top of the camera to "on"
  • Available camera modes: 
    • Flash off mode
    • Night portrait mode
    • Sports mode
    • Close-up Mode (Macro mode)
    • Landscape mode
    • Portrait mode
    • Full automatic mode
    • Program AE
    • Shutter priority AE
    • Manual Exposure
    • Video mode
    • Read more about the above modes
  • To use the camera, select the mode you wish to use, and press the shutter button at the front right of the camera. 
  • This camera is much more robust than a point-and-shoot. If you are just starting to use a DSLR for the first time, visit some of the resources listed in the "Resources" box below.


First time using a DSLR? Used one before but want some guidance on how to improve your photography skills? Try some of the links below for some how-tos and general articles on photography.

Item Policies

Loan Period: 2 weeks

Special Instructions:

  • Students must provide their own SD card to use this item. 
  • Students should not use the equipment for any unlawful activity or any activity that violates the OSUIT Student Rights and Responsibilities. 
  • GoPro cameras are often used for high-impact sports, but students should be responsible with use of these cameras, as damage beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed like any other Tech Gear item and may result in fines.