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Records Retention Schedules

This guide shows record retention schedules for every department based on the requirements of Oklahoma state law.


1-16         Grant Proposals File


Proposals submitted to various granting institutions. 


Transfer  successful  proposals  to  Grant  File  (Series  1-17).     Retain unsuccessful proposals until no longer required for administrative purposes, then destroy.


1-17         Grants File


Records   concerning   grants   to   the   University.      File   may   contain administrative documents, reports, regulations and guidelines, correspondence, audits, and related records, except financial records.  (For Financial records see Series 5-11.)


Retain in office until five (5) years after submission of the final expenditure report, or for grants that are renewed annually from the date of the submission of the annual financial status report, then transfer to the Institutional Archives, with authority to weed, for permanent preservation.

5-11         Grants File


File contains all financial documents concerned with the administration of a grant.


Retain in office until three (3) years after completion of grant activity, then destroy provided all audits have been completed and all applicable audit reports have been accepted and resolved by all applicable federal and state agencies and provided no legal actions are pending.  If legal action is pending, destroy two (2) years after the exhaustion of all legal remedies provided records meet all stipulated retention requirements.

Amended July 17, 1991